Improves Mental Awareness
"B" Vitamin Supplement
B Alert*
Fight Fatigue*
B Good*
Brain & Heart Health
Lower toxic homocysteine levels in the blood

Great Tasting Chewable

The formula contains no herbs or caffeine


~ What people are saying about B Sharp® ~
To the Makers of B-Sharp

I have been using your product for several years now and am extremely pleased with how they have worked for me.

I take one or two tablets in the morning whenever I feel I need a little additional energy and focus. I often have trouble sleeping, and the B-Sharp really helps on those mornings. I also love them on those rare mornings after I drink a bit too much.

Thanks for a great product,
D. Baltzell ~ San Clemente, CA


I have been taking B Sharp Vitaman for over 4 years. This vitamin is yummy as well as it helps me have energy without my nerves getting totally amped! Thank you for providing us with a supplement that my body really appreciates! It has really helped me a lot on days when I start to feel anxious and overwhelmed with the days tasks. It helps to put me in a calm place so that the days tasks goes with easy and much more productive! I have share them with my friends and now they are taking them too!

Pam B. - CA


"B SHARP is an excellent product. I find it gives me more energy and I am able to focus better on details and I believe my short term memory has improved since I began taking this supplement.
I thank you for developing B SHARP! "

Shari M. - CA


"Thanks for the 2 bottles of B Sharp, I started on the first bottle, I especially liked the dissolving chewable type. I had just gotten home in Butte Mt. and was told that my family & I were moving to a bigger house in across town. I gave the second bottle to my Son, as I, being 78 yrs young, after 14 hours of packing and moving was out doing my Son, who's 51, on that first day of moving. He took 2 that night and 2 a day from then on, now he has more energy than I, we worked for 12-14 hours a day for 4 days moving that household. We are both still taking B-Sharp. Thanks for the samples! Our next step is to become a distributor of this Great Product."

Phil S. ~ Butte, MT

"Partygoers" - If you are a partygoer, take two chewables prior to
consuming alcoholic beverages and two more prior to sleep.

~ What party-goers say about B Sharp®~
"Taking B Sharp® before consuming alcohol and before going to bed allowed me to enjoy myself while entertaining customers and feel fresh the next day on the trade show floor. B Sharp® really saved the (following) day."

" B Sharp® is a great product. While I am out on the town, I take two or three tablets during the course of an evening. I feel great the next morning even after drinking several of my favorite microbrewery beers. I have turned my close friends on to B Sharp®. They all confirm hangovers are a thing of the past and thank me for the tip!"

MLC ~ St. Louis, MO


"As a sales person, staying mentally sharp is critical to my job. But, after the previous night's client cocktail party, my workday was dragging and my sales were suffering. A friend recommended that I try B Sharp®.

Without making me nervous or anxious, B Sharp® gave me back the mental edge I needed to get focused and close sales. Thank you B Sharp®!"

T LeRoy ~ Downey, CA

"I feel comfortable taking B Sharp®, when I need to stay alert, because I know The formula contains no herbs or caffeine and won't make me nervous or anxious."

“B Sharp is the only Vitamin B product I have found that actually tastes great and gets the job done, keeping me focused and well energized; and I have been taking vitamin supplements for more than 40 years.”

Bruce A. Miller, Jr.

Mt. Bethel, PA


Why pay twice as much for products that contain
less of the beneficial ingredients contained in B Sharp?



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