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Corporate Quality Statement


Quality. Science. Integrity. These are the basic tenets upon which our company has built its business. It is these principles that govern our internal evaluation and influence our product development and distribution.


  • People. M.M. Enterprises consults regularly with chemists, Ph.D.s and doctors to ensure the quality and efficacy of our products. Collectively, our formulators have over 100 years of experience in their health-related professions. A Board of Professional Advisors is currently being established.

  • Product. Our products are manufactured under strict pharmaceutical G M P standards in a facility inspected by the Food and Drug Administration and the California Department of Health.


  • Formula. To assure efficacy and safety, our formulas are based upon scientifically validated studies including human clinical trials. These studies are published in the professional literature.

  • Manufacture. The finished products are assayed for purity and potency by an objective, independent, licensed laboratory.


  • Leadership. The President/CEO has had 25 years' experience in the nutritional industry including quality assurance, product development, business planning, and organizational structure. The company also consults with legal and business advisors to assure best business practices.

  • Consumer Safety. Every ingredient in our products is of the finest quality and all are listed on the label. Products are safety sealed and tamper evident. There is a lot number paper trail in place for every product with "best before" dating on bottled products.


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