B Sharp®

A Complete B Complex

B Alert * Fight Fatigue * B Good

60 great tasting chewable tablets
Vitamin B Complex

Who benefits
from a good
B Complex?

B Sharp ~ complex vitamin B

• Mothers to be
• Seniors
• Dieters
• Athletes
• Vegetarians
• Partygoers
• Executives

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Who are at risk of developing Vitamin B12 deficiency?

• Strict vegetarians and vegans and their breast-fed children.

• Anyone on a weight loss dieting plan.

• Adults aged 50 years and older may be unable to normally absorb vitamin B12 in food; they are, however, able to absorb vitamin B12 in dietary supplements.

• B12 and folic acid are required after gastric bypass surgery.

Folic Acid is critical for women of child bearing age.



B Sharp® Benefits

  • B Sharp® supports brain health
  • Sharpen mental focus and acuity
  • B Sharp® may reduce cognitive decline
  • Manage daily stress and anxiety
  • Boost sense of well-being
  • More than a one shot dose
  • Party Harder ~ Recover Faster

B Sharp® Facts

Our chewable formula ensures optimal absorption and superior results.

Our B Sharp formula contains only essential vitamins, no caffeine.

B Sharp ® aids in the development of red blood cells that carry vital oxygen to the brain.

B Sharp contains essential nutrients for maintenance of myelin, the covering of nerve cells.

Promotes healthy skin, hair & nails.

B Sharp® contains no herbs to interfere with medications. All ingredients in the formula are listed on the full disclosure label.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Why pay twice as much for products that contain less of the beneficial ingredients contained in B Sharp®?

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Why should you take B Sharp® daily?

• B Sharp® produces a natural energy boost.

• B Sharp® promotes stamina.

• Enjoy renewed motivation.

• B Sharp® improves mental awareness.

• Avoid or reduce severity of hangovers.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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